I think my road rage is getting better. I only said, "Motherfucking cocksucker!" 13 times instead of 50.

Road rage is expressed against other people/cars/bikes because of an inability to communicate. Taking action against another (verbal, physical, note leaving, etc.) is all a way that people communicate their displeasure with others, on and off the road.

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It takes every ounce of self control not to freak out when I'm shopping in the grocery store and trapped behind a slow walker. Makes me wish I had a horn on my grocery cart lol

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Done this about 10 times today I swear. Don't know if people are just shit on the road today or everything else is pissing me off.

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I only say excuse me once. Then I run your heels over. Funny how fast they move then. Yup I'm a rager.

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