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(A) (1122) "...there is only one possible word to describe Robert Harris’s new novel, and it is this: unputdownable ... As always with Harris, there is a lot of backstory and exposition ... in Conclave the sequence is very simple and pleasing indeed: the pope dies, the cardinals gather, there is the first ballot, there is the second ballot, there is the third ballot, and so on, each stage being accompanied by another twist, some new mystery or complication." –IAN SANSOM, THE GUARDIAN

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Ai que lindos...Momento romântico Beward ...Só AMOOO

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Suck it Edward. Well, actually Robert Pattinson who plays Cedric and Edward would rather play Cedric and even he hates twilight.

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Even Robert hates Twilight hahahha this is so true though! Look at his interviews! I love him so much more now hahaha :)

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this is the robert pattinson that i love: he runs to meet the actor who plays viktor krum so cute

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