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Antes de la anestesia, era muy valorado actuar rápido, para disminuir el periodo de sufrimiento. Robert Liston (1794 – 1847) ganó fama por su velocidad de amputación. En una ocasión, "Amputó la pierna en 2,5 minutos, pero en su entusiasmo también los testículos del paciente"

Sir Robert Liston, Diplomat, 1811 by David Wilkie


So weird, funny thing to show Aidan. Robert Liston (relative) amputated a Churchill (relative).

david wilkie artist | Sir Robert Liston, Diplomat - David Wilkie -

Who knows the story of Robert Liston (for laughs) - Pashtun Community | Pashtuns | Pashto |

David Wilkie Sir Robert Liston, Diplomat - David Wilkie abstract oil painting, painting Authorized official website


Dr. Robert Liston (1794-1847) was a pioneering Scottish surgeon who was noted for his skill and speed in an era before anaesthetics, Only 1 in 10 of Listons patients died and he was once timed whislt performing a leg amputation, from the first incision to the final cutting of the suture threads it only took 2 1/2 minutes.


Henrietta Marchant Liston (Mrs. Robert Liston) 1800

Gilbert Stuart Henrietta Marchant Liston (Mrs. Robert Liston), 1800 Chester Dale Collection 1960.12.1


Intrinseco y expectorante: Robert Liston: El bisturí más rápido del Reino Unido