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Free at Last: The Robert Redford Story

Free at Last: The Robert Redford Story - I just LOVE his eyes, still a beautiful man, great big heart too.

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Your Morning Shot: Robert Redford

“I am moved and impressed that the residents near the coastline have been waging a nonviolent struggle to stop the base. They’ve used their bodies to block bulldozers, sacrificed their personal freedom, been beaten and imprisoned, and paid heavy fines...I think the least that environmentalists, peace activists can do is express our outrage. The International Union for Conservation of Nature will hold its World Conservation Congress on Jeju Island from September 6 to 15, 2012" - Robert…

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robert redford...I like seeing people age naturally. It takes courage in some industries and opting to not adjust what God gave them adds all the more to their character :-)

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Paul Newman & Robert Redford. They really should have made another movie together.

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Robert Redford! People like to compare Brad Pitt to Redford, but Redford is much better looking and so much classier. Does this mean I am old? or right about this?

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"I'm not a facelift person. I am what I am." Robert Redford ... Bravo Mr. Redford. Your face is the story of your well lived life, not the story of an unknown plastic surgeon who removed the reflection of your essence!

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Okay so am I right? These men are classic and Better

Robert Redford was one of the top box office names in the seventies who also happened to be known for his flawless sense of style. So it comes as no surprise that Brad Pitt channeled him for his latest shoot.

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