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Robert Taylor, Veteran

Robert Taylor, Veteran | Actor \ During World War II, he served in the United States Naval Air Corps where he worked as a flight instructor and appeared in instructional films.

from Robert Taylor Actor

A Man’s View of Young Robert Taylor

"I had God and my mother and two or three times a year, Robert Taylor. He was no Joel McCrea, but Robert Taylor can get you through a bad spell."--Maureen Stapleton to James Grissom #FolliesofGod


Camille, Robert Taylor, 1936

Robert Taylor playing Armand Duval in "Camille". "I'll beg, I'll borrow, I'll steal! But I must be with you always, always!". Brilliant actor.


Robert Taylor (Spangler Arlington Brugh) Born Aug. 5, 1911 Died June 8, 1969 at age 59 of lung cancer. "Acting is the easiest job in the world, and I'm the luckiest guy. All I have to do is be at the studio on time, and know my lines. The wardrobe department tells me what to wear, the assistant director tells me where to go, the director tells me what to do. What could be easier?"