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Powerful TRUTH

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"The whole idea of music, from the beginning of time, was for people to be happy." Robert Plant

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Would I sound pathetic if I said this made me tear up a little?
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You see me... the me no one else has or can see. Without trying, you looked into the deep, dank and dark of me and didn't blink. You made it easier for me to come to the surface. No other could ever make me comfortable and be comfortable with me being myself, the way you have. Forever grateful and in love with you my angel

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And people wonder why I love him so much

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From “The Art Spirit” by Robert Henri. You should read this book even if you don’t consider yourself and artist. And if you do, then why haven’t you read this book already!? Get on it!

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The Quitter by Robert Service | Robert W. Service (1874-1958) Poet & Adventurer

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"I don't mean to sound snobbish but...": the best quotes from Downton Abbey series 6 episode 5

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