Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas'd think the bad guys would learn that Robin Hood is immune to actual death...near death experiences, no; but death, yes. XD

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So, I'm obviously not going to be using this exact proposal, but it's a good blueprint for Alyssa and Aaron.

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Maid Marian as the Night Watchman. BBC Robin Hood. Love how powerfully she is depicted in this series, though she gets really foolish towards the end...

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Allan a Dale! Loved him. Which means, of course, that he died. Because that's what my favorite characters do.

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BBC'S "Robin Hood," one of the first shots from episode one and one of the last shots of the finale. *sniffs.*

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Sabrina on

Oh, dear. XDXD Okay, that's fine, but, where am I going to live???? (oh right.....that would be why you burned my house down. Yours is still in one piece)

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BBC Robin Hood - This show. My heart. I can't even. You've just gotta watch it. Unless you want to stay emotionally stable. Then don't watch it.

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Jonas Armstrong, the inspiration for Kyle's first mate, Travis Conley.

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My favorite of Allan's I'm not being funny. Thank you Allan for being observant!

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Guyday Friday: Remembering Guy of Gisborne as crazed murderer

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BBCs Robin Hood. Everyone needs to watch this. The emotional trauma this has caused me.....

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