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plug me in by rtil A very cool Ghost in the Shell vibe im getting from this..!

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Artemis -Cybernetic Organism- by Sengjoon Song | Robotic/Cyborg | 3D | CGSociety

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Spaceship by Virnard Magpantay on ArtStation.

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robot girl, future, cyberpunk, futuristic, computers, android, laptop, female bot, cyber space, interactive display I get it...just not sure I like it....probably not.

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Top 20 des cosplays les plus sexy (mecs et meufs, comme ça tout le monde est content)

I screw the new hinge in place. This is the third time my right arm had broken. Ugh. I seriously need a whole new one. But I don't have the money. I don't think I will for a while. Sometimes being a cyborg really sucks. And when I say sometimes, I mean all the times. But I have to live with it. I drop the screwdriver when my door suddenly opens.

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new lie detector where it scans your face for micro bursts in front of the court

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your 3 favorite things from way back when -- caffine, cyborgs, and animated… Thought #Provoking Hashtags: The #Maj #Android

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HYezdZnINks.jpg (824×1100)

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Board by Jenks: "Lunars and Cyborgs and Androids, Oh My!"

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Robot by Benedict Campbell

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