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Tremble before the mighty Smoking Robot. Twelve imposing inches of tin, this toy robot walks forward with light-up eyes and an illuminated color wheel that rotates under his dome. But what really sets him apart, what prevents this toy from ever being manufactured today, is the smoke that puffs from his mouth whenever he pauses in his stride. The mechanism that causes the whispy little clouds consists of a small, heated wire that makes contact with a bit of cotton doused in oil. Take that…

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"Custom make classic toy gundam robot manufacturer, Action figures robot anime assembled Gundam 1:100MG"

Real size robot manufacturer simulation electric transformer

Real size robot manufacturer simulation electric transformer

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Japanese Robot Manufacturer Responds to America’s Giant Robot Battle Challenge

1/4 page illustration for an article on advanced manufacturing for the November/December 2014 Issue of MIT Technology Review by Michiel van den Berg

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Sawyer: Rethink Robotics Unveils New Robot | Sawyer is designed primarily for machine tending, circuit board testing, and other precise, repetitive tasks, specifically those that take place in the middle of a long assembly line of electronics products (+video)

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Archi-Union Architects, which previously completed a nearby contemporary arts centre featuring curved concrete walls, developed this undulating brick design to combine traditional materials with contemporary robotic manufacture.

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The Geisha design process was instrumental in helping to establish the level of technology in the world of GHOST IN THE SHELL. Early in production, it was postulated that cybernetics and robotics had been developed to a degree of such sophistication, whereby a manufacturer could add artistic detail and complexity to the inner workings of an android in the manner of an exclusive timepiece. ©2016 Paramount Pictures & DreamWorks Pictures.

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Kikkerland US08 Cable Robot Bendable Cable Tie by Kikkerland. $5.28. Easy to use. 9-inches long. Cable Dachshund, Croc and Monkey also available. You can use the Cable Robot anywhere you might otherwise use a zip tie, wire twist or clip. Just gather your cables and wrap this flexible robot around them. From the Manufacturer Beep, boop, beep! Locating…cord…and…cable…confusion. Reducing…disorder. Making…human…happy. Beep, boop. Using the...