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Herb Garden Marker, Hand Painted Rock Decor, Garden Decor, Handmade Herb Planter Label, Stone Herb Tag, Outdoor Organic Decor

I hand painted these rocks for my herb garden, and love them so much I decided to sell them. They look amazing! These garden stones make a wonderful


20 Rooms with Unique Decorating Details

Mineral specimens are getting to be more and more popular, as they evoke a sense of science and wonder. If you don’t have a rock and mineral store in your area, you can often buy one particular of these stunners from Restoration Hardware: Read more


What’s great about this doormat is that water evaporates fast (depending on the materials that you use), preventing odor from building up. It’s also easier to clean as opposed to fabric door mats — simply wash it using a water hose and the dirt would be gone!


Hand Painted River Rocks, Painted Stones, Rock Art, Mandala Design, Floral Art, Natural Home Decor, Gift,pink persuasion collection Trio #26

Natural Home Decor - Rock Art - Hand Painted Stones - ethereal & earth - other worldly & of this world creations - pink persuasion collection Trio #26 - $26 - FREE Shipping in the USA!


Creative DIY Holiday Gift Ideas for Parents from Kids

Family tree. It's an twist on a traditional family tree and makes a great Thanksgiving gift. After you have writed your parents'name on the heart shaped rock, write your siblings' and your own name on small rocks.


Terrarios ... capa inferior de rocas o piedras párr mantener el drenaje de la raíz, capa de tierra, Hermosas Plantas Suculentas, La Parte Superior Con Una capa decorativa opcional de Guijarros De Colores Diferentes. Más Fácil-forma Más Rápida de Estilo Traer un Hogar Do


13 Creative DIY Home Decor Ideas with Pebbles and River Rocks

If you’re looking for simple yet high impact home decor pieces look no further than DIY crafts with pebbles and river rocks. These materials are cheap, easily accessible and you can create some pretty cool decor accents with them. It doesn’t take much effort too. Imagine adorable river rock mats and pebble coasters, beautiful wall art …


Messages on rocks instead of a guest book... I used to paint on rocks when I was a kid. Would be a fun throwback/thing to have around the house as decor.


How-To: Decorate With Rocks