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Rodan And Feilds

LOL, gotta love taking on the Internet scaremongers. Cue the "foreboding ballerina music" and dubious citations. Next up, French models... LOL ▶ Why I Stopped Selling Rodan and Fields Products is False - YouTube


Rodan And Feilds,Jokena Hedges,Fields Executive,Executive Consultant

Rodan and Fields micro- dermabrasion paste is one of my favorites! It exfoliates all that dead skin, allowing it to breath! Leaves your skin glowing!!! Contact me to find out more!


How can you pass up partnering with Rodan and Fields?! ONE customer who orders $80 worth of product every 60 days makes you an extra $480 a year (on average... this could be more, from JUST 1 person)! –sign other hairstylists, estheticians, or salon owners and YOU make 5% off of their success! Plus, offering R+F products in your salon/business allows you to offer extra services without hiring anyone new!


Redefine: "When I started using Rodan + Feilds REDEFINE Regimen, I noticed a difference in my skin right away. If felt cleaner and smoother and looked more even. After a few months, my skin appears even toned, all the redness appears to be gone and my pores look smaller. The best part is, I no longer have to spend so much time and energy trying to cover up my skin because for the first time in my life, I actually like how I look. Thank you, Rodan + Feilds" Desiree

Results are amazing! I have the answer to all your skin care needs/ concerns. Women stop hiding behind make-up and men stop hiding behind those hats, Rodan and fields will change your life!!! #askmehow #changingskin

from Byrdie

Melasma--The Skin Condition No One Is Talking About

treat melasma - I've tried prescription creams (didn't work), Rodan & Fields Reverse (worked great, went away and then it came back) and now the dermo suggests laser or chemical peels. Ugh. Going to try these DIY natural remedies first.