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What We Learned From Watching The New #RogueOne Movie Trailer

Check out the newest and last trailer for #RogueOne and see what we learned from the trailer. Rogue One opens in theaters December 16. #StarWars

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Why Cassian and Jyn are perfect for each other<<< *cries forever* jk not forever... just for a really, really long time.

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Rebellions are Built on Hope Rogue One Star Wars Printable by MiniPress on Etsy

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Very very true -- only not really bc Cassian can and will kill as proved by his very cold blooded murder of the Imperial informant in the beginning of the movie???

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Best Rpgue One scene, from my point of view. Gosh, Vader's so cool.

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My emotions were wrecked after seeing Rogue One at the movies :)

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they all had to die cause none of them were in the original movies. But it's still so sad

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Rogue One, Star Wars, Cassian Andor, K2SO, K2-SO, Jyn Erso

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IT WAS STRESSFUL<-- IT WAS! It was so stressful even though I've seen A New Hope like a thousand times and obviously they plans got to the rebellion but that was so stinking stressful!!!!!!!

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Rogue One, Star Wars, Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, rebelcaptain

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