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'Rogue planet' spotted 100 light-years away

Astronomers have spotted a "rogue planet" - wandering the cosmos without a star to orbit - 100 light-years away. (via BBC News; image via ESO)


Three years ago, a mysterious object was observed drifting alone in interstellar space, 80 light-years from Earth. Much bigger than Jupiter but smaller than most stars, it was called a rogue planet, and now astronomers can confirm that the object is indeed a planet. PSO J318.5338-22.8603, or PSO J318.5-22 for short, is a large planetary object in the Beta Pictoris moving group. It has a mass of 8.3 times that of Jupiter and a temperature of about 1100 Kelvins. A detailed description of the…

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Some stars capture rogue planets

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Rogue Planet Confirmed Orbiting Around ‘Eye of Sauron’

Astronomers have confirmed Fomalhaut b actually exists and have calculated its potential orbit. The results are stranger than scientists could have imagined, dubbing it a “rogue planet circling the Eye of Sauron".


The Man From Planet X, a 1951 B movie. To study a rogue planet heading for a near-miss with Earth, Prof. Elliot sets up an observatory on the foggy moors of a remote Scottish island, with his pretty daughter and Dr. Mears, a former student with a shady past. Soon after arrival of reporter John Lawrence, a ship from Planet X just happens to land near the observatory. Is the visitor (who actually looks alien) benevolent? What are Mears' real motives for trying to communicate with it?

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Rogue planet spied floating in space without a star

Astronomers have found what is likely to be a rogue planet that is around 100 light years from our solar system, making it the closest free-floating planetary mass yet discovered.