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Rollerblades for kids

Totally Had this Barbie when I was a kid. I remember getting her for Christmas and making her rollerblade down the hallway in our townhouse because that was the darkest area of the house and her rollerblades lit up.

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Got my California Roller Baby for Christmas 1992. She was supposed to be able to roller blade standing up but usually fell down.

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How to Teach a Child to Inline Skate

Learning to skate is like learning to ride a bike: Once you get it, you get it. Then the rest is all about honing your skills. For kids these skills will come in handy for neighborhood inline skating, ice skating parties, future hockey teams--or just working on their balance and skills. Here are some steps for teaching kids to skate.

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Parents are always concerned with their children. Safety and security are the primary cause of worries for parents. So imagine, if you are a parent and your kid is asking for roller skates, most parents are dreading for this time to come. Reported injuries incurred from rollerblading among... Inline Skating, RollerBlading, RollerBlading Benefits, RollerBlading Calories, RollerBlading Exercise, RollerBlading For Beginners, RollerBlading Techniques, RollerBlading Tips, Rolle

Rollerblades For Kids