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Never Flat Bicycle Tires

Say goodbye to flat tires for good by swapping your standard wheels for these never flat bicycle tires. Rather than rely on air, these new tires are made from a solid material equivalent to 100 psi while providing incredible grip and extremely low rolling resistance.


$17.30 (Buy here: ) Heating Wire 1.4mm 15 Gauge AWG 25Meter Roll Resistance Resistor for just $17.30

Think something like these old-school 9.00R20 might be a little more appropriate, and they're only 39" tall. They're bias-ply, but they have a good payload rating, they're lighter than these 37" HMMWV wheels/tires, would have less rolling resistance, and they're dirt-cheap.


After my car has sat in the rain for a small amount of time, when I start moving again and then turn, I hear a sound like water sloshing around inside the...

Churro Poppers

Churro Poppers - These little balls of dough, fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar, are hard to resist!! You'll want to make lots cause these disappear fast!


Low Rolling Resistance Tire Primer - Do your tires matter? Seriously, how much do those rolling pneumatic cushions underneath your vehicle make a difference, as long as they’re balanced and do[...]

Do Low Rolling Resistance Tires Improve Fuel Economy?

Do low rolling resistance tires improve fuel economy? To take measure of the benefits, Consumer Reports teamed up with the University of Michigan to analyze our rolling resistance data to calculate potential savings.


Radical airless tyre has half the rolling resistance and is cheaper to make - Images