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To Shelly- 1) I like this picture. 2) I know how to spell. 3) Catholic 4) I just wanted to point that out. CATHOLIC

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Divine Infant

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Lent - it'd be a little better if it made a little clearer the difference between the discipline (practices) of Lent (fasting etc. - not on Sunday but basically continued up to Easter Vigil) and the Liturgical designation of Lent (on Sundays and ends Holy Thursday). A distinction that has confused many Catholics including priests. Want to know more - just ask - I'll take you on a short historical, geographical tour.

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Why It's Bad Theology: every human is a person and every person is a human. But not every Christian is a Catholic... yet.

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The Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor is a Roman Catholic Church on Mt. Tibidabo, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain by Girang

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