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Crucifixion in antiquity was a gruesome execution, not really understood until a skeletal discovery in the 1980s that gave new insight into the history of crucifixion. Photo: Courtesy Israel Exploration Journal, Vol. 35, No. 1 (1985)

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Everything You Need to Know About Roman Crucifixions

Roman Crucifixion - Definition and Meaning of Roman Crucifixion. First they whip you with a whip with metal hooks, most prisoners died from the whipping and did not reach crucifixion. Internal organs often spilled out and ribs from the rib cage pulled out. Jesus did not survive his crucifixion. Jesus Christ died.


This is a story from Biblical Archeology Review about the Roman practice of crucifixion. It's a bit different than what we generally think it was. As terrible as we view it, it was far worse.


The palms have soft and delicate tissues which cannot bear hard waves. The wounds on the feet are also evidence showing that it was a Roman crucifixion. Neal Svensson says that is very interesting that we can see all the details in the shroud about the wounds and the flow of blood from different body parts. It also shows that in Roman crucifixion is done by layering the victim through the heals. Jesus was also nailed through the heels and there are marks on the Shroud of Turin showing the…


“Simon, builder of the Temple.” The inscription on this ossuary found in the same Jewish tomb with the ossuary of Yehohanan tells posterity the part Simon played in history. Eight ossuaries containing the bones of 17 members of Simon and Yehohanan’s family were found in this tomb. Since not all families could afford limestone ossuaries for secondary burials, we know that this was a family of some wealth.