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The Vintage Speedball Textbook

Speedball Text Book” booklet written by Ross F.George, 1941. How to use the Speedball pens to do Roman Caps.


The Roman Alphabet is also known as the "Latin Alphabet". It is the most widely used alphabetic system in the world, the script of the English and most European language. It is developed from the Etruscan alphabet before 600 BC. It can be traced through the Etruscan, Greek, and Phoenician scripts.


The Roman letter is composed of two weights of lines, corresponding to the down stroke and the up stroke of the broad reed pen with which it was origi­nally written. RULES FOR SHADING ROMAN LETTERS: (1) Heavy Lines—all down strokes. This includes all vertical lines (except as noted above in M, N, and U), and all lines slanting downward, left to right. (2) Light Lines—all horizontal strokes. All strokes upward from left to right (except Z)