alexandra-nicole-the-blog: “Getting a lot of questions about this so here we go! When? A few months ago. What? VII:XVIII Meaning: It’s 8:18 in Roman numerals for Romans 8:18. Why? A message to me,...

Getting a lot of questions about this so here we go! A few months ago. VII:XVIII Meaning: It’s in Roman numerals for Romans Why? A message to me, from me. “The pain you are.

Little forearm tattoo of her mom’s birthday in roman numerals on Michaela.

Roman numeral tattoos have become so popular. In this collection we have collected most beautiful roman numeral tattoo designs for inspiration.

Roman numerals

Roman numerals

With my 3 siblings birth dates.  This may be my next tat.  Love the placement to, right below my cross

childs birth date this! I will add my children's birthdates underneath my wedding date tattoo

Image Source: Instagram user tony_dang_tattoos

Sweet Sparrow

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