Roman Outfit 1st cent, Ancient Rome - Roman clothing - Roman Outfit 1st cent, Full Roman outfit (0 -100 d.c), square Tunica cum clavi (stripes), band ventralis (waistband), braccae (trousers) just-under-the-knee length,

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Roman Outfit 3rd cent, Dura Europos Tunica cum clavi, Fringed Sagum, Tutulus brooch, Thorsberg trousers unfooted, Greek (Spartan) felt Pilos,

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Late Roman outfit; from the Fectio Facebook page. Impressive kit; all out impressive Late Roman / Early Byzantine clothing.

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Roman outfit 1st century AD: Stola (dress) , mantle (palla) and a stephane and veil.

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Kevin McKidd as Vorenus in HBO's outstanding and critically acclaimed series, 'ROME'.

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