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The Western Roman Empire may have fallen more than 1,500 years ago, but its rich legacy of innovation and invention can still be seen today. The Romans were prodigious builders and expert civil engineers, and their thriving civilization produced advances in technology, culture and architecture that remained unequaled for centuries.

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Roman crane, employed in 70/71 AD to build the walls of a Roman fortress.

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Leptis Magna The ancient port, with its artificial basin of some 102,000 m2, still exists with its quays, jetties, fortifications, storage areas and temples. Dug under Nero and organized under Septimius Severus, it is one of the chefs d'oeuvre of Roman technology with its barrage dam and its canal designed to regulate the course of Wadi Lebda, the dangerous torrent that empties into the Mediterranean to the west

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A Roman miliarium from a private bath house in northern Gaul: from water technology to ritual offering

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Organisational Structures

Ancient Rome Military History | Organisational Structures | Grae Laws - The Technology Aestheticist

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Roman hypocaust; stacked tiles under the floor created a space to circulate hot air from the furnace. The heating system was invented in order to warm a room without the smoke from open braziers that were used in the past. They were often employed within the baths to create sauna-like rooms with gradient temperatures.

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