Currency and the Collapse of the Roman Empire. The Money Project is an ongoing collaboration between Visual Capitalist and Texas Precious Metals that seeks to use intuitive visualizations to explore the origins, nature, and use of money. At its peak, the Roman Empire held up to 130 million people over a span of 1.5 million square miles. Rome had conquered much of the known world. The Empire built 50,000 miles of roads, as well as many aqueducts, amphitheatres, and other works that are still…

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At its peak, the Roman Empire held up to 130 million people over a span of million square miles. How could such a powerful empire collapse?

Roman Gladius short sword, 2nd century A.D. - WANT ONE!!!

I am selling a very eleborate reproduction of this famous Roman sword, which was carried by the Roman legionnaires during the conquest

roman fashion '' le costume occidental de l'antiquité à la fin du XX siècle "

The Roman Arch of Septimius Severus. Located in one of the most beautiful cities of the Roman Empire: Leptis Magna, Libya.Photo courtesy of David Gunn.

Leptis Magna Arch of Septimus Severus. The sands of time have preserved the Roman city of Leptis Magna, an ancient seaport in what is now Libya. It is one of the best preserved Roman cities in the Mediterranean.

Baby names inspired by Roman mythology are climbing the popularity charts. Check out the top 50 Roman mythology names that are perfect for your baby.

50 Wonderful Roman Mythology Names For Your Baby

Obviously available for the naming of actual babies but also, possibly, helpful for anyone planning a story who, like myself, is not particularly good at thinking of decent names.