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Romanesco Broccoli Soup- The smooth taste of the Romanesco broccoli and sour cream, enhanced by the holy trinity of carrots, onions and celery. Enhanced by herbs like bay leaves, chives and green onion, then elegantly flavored with just a touch of crumbled blue cheese.

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Recipe for whole roasted romanesco, seasoned with olive oil, lemon, and thyme. A healthy gluten-free and vegan appetizer or veggie side dish.

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Veronica Hybrid Cauliflower Outstanding Color, Mild Flavor. What a beautiful edible accent to add to your flower garden! More sweet, mild and nutty than the average white cauliflower. Attractive and unique lime green color with lots of tightly pointed spirals. Vigorous plants have good heat tolerance. 85 DAYS.

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A delicate vegetarian dish, filled with vitamins and resembling a mountain of little pine trees, just in time for the holidays. A risotto with romanesco broccoli, goat cheese and butternut squash with a splash of white wine and fresh thyme. #risotto #romanesco #goatcheese

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Roasted Romanesco with Pecorino Romano | adapted by lightly (5 min) steaming romanesco, sautéing with garlic, sweet onion, roasted red garden tomatoes, and kalamata olives. Top with shredded Pecorino Romano cheese.

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Learn how to grow romanesco, growing romanesco broccoli is rewarding. It is a very decorative and ornamental cauliflower with exotic taste.

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Tweet A couple weeks back, I bought a bright green head of romanesco broccoli. It was more money than I should have spent on a single handful of produce, but ever since trying it a few years back as a pickle on the Farmhouse Platter at Supper, I’ve had a weakness for it. I like …

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