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This project includes a fun bedroom for the children. A climbing wall provides access to a hideaway beneath the eaves of the original pitched-roof extension, from which the fastest way down is via a fireman's pole.


På dette loftet er plassen utnyttet maksimalt. Under skråtaket er det laget en liten soveplass som enkelt kan skjules ved å trekke for de hvite gardinene.


Bellefonte, PA The house was built in1883 in Second Empire style, with mansard roof, eave brackets under all rooflines, and a square tower in front.  The interior features local hardwoods, including chestnut clapboards, black walnut front door and banister-railing, poplar pocket doors with hand-stippling, and red and white oak floors.  Interior and exterior have been restored as a bed-and-breakfast called Our Fair Lady.