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7th Grade Pre-AP Math Interactive Notebook - Maria Gonzalez - Picasa Web Albums

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CCSS 8.NS.A.1 & 8.NS.A.2 - Irrational and Rational Numbers Stations

$ CCSS 8.NS.1 & 8.NS.2 - Irrational and Rational Numbers Stations (20 Problems); Topics: Approximate Irrational Numbers (square roots); Complete a table of squares or square roots; graph rational and irrational numbers on the number line; order rational and irrational numbers (including square roots) from least to greatest; determine whether numbers are rational or irrational; defining rational and irrational numbers; show examples of rational and irrational numbers

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square root of negative one teach math: algebra 2

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Square Root and Cube Root Foldable

Help your students understand the meaning of square roots and cube roots with this foldable and guided worksheet. I have students make squares and cubes using

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Squares and Square Roots Bingo

Squares and Roots Bingo! Great way for middle school math students to practice their squares and square roots! Comes with 30 game boards and calling cards. The game can be used as a whole group, small group math centers, or for math intervention.

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White Chocolate Fudge - Back To My Southern Roots

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