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Fertilizer For Pear Trees – Learn How And When To Fertilize Pears

Pear Tree Fertilizer: Tips On Fertilizing A Pear Tree - When conditions are optimal, pear trees are generally able to uptake all the nutrients they need through their root systems. Since life isn’t always perfect, however, knowing how and when to fertilize pears is important. This article will help.

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DIY Kokedama String Gardens

DIY Kokedama String Gardens | Martha Stewart Living - Being a flower school, our students and staff are always on the lookout for the latest trends. Over the last few years, the Japanese art of Kokedama has become increasingly popular. Kokedama means literally, "moss ball," and it's easy to see why! These cute plants have their root systems removed, introduced to new soil, bound and bonsaied into a neat little ball. The greatest part about this DIY project is that anyone can do it!

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How to Grow Pomegranate Tree in Pot

Pomegranate is one of the nicest fruit trees and perhaps the easiest to grow in pots because it has shallow root system when compared to other fruit trees. Learn How to Grow Pomegranate in Pots

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...A great example of why we need to stop labeling things as "weeds," and yanking them out...without thinking about the impact that will have on the environment~

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Make plants' roots strong and resistant to rot with hydrogen peroxide. Mix 1 T with 2 cups water and use to water your plant.

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5 Whys - a simple root cause analysis technique for problem solving, originated from Toyota Production System.

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Art Projects for Kids: Grass in a CD Case... maybe for art club and paint bugs on the outside!

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Soda bottle drip feeder for tomatoes. Good trick. The other trick is to use pvc pipe, cut one end at angle, place in ground angled toward roots, fill pvc pipe with rocks or pea gravel, then water thru pvc pipe. Thus water goes to the root system & doesn't have to go thru top soil or any other obstacles first. :) the bottles are free & we're up-cycling. :)

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