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Surely I could pick a bud—just one flower—and if I carried it very carefully, it would survive a few hours’ journey. These are so beautiful: They’re finer than any we had in our city garden—finer than any I’ve ever seen. So he stooped and plucked a bud of a rich red hue.


Apple green it's not. But imagine a keylime cream color that lights up any landscape with oodles of luminous blooms. Although Irish in origin, she struts her stuff under Northern lights or in our steamy South. Dark glossy green leaves set off the creamy pastel flowers and pointed buds. Great in mass plantings, mixed into borders or abides perfectly well all alone.


Milk and Water Use: To control black spots on roses. How to make it: Add 1 cup of milk to 2 cups of water. Spray mixture directly onto rose leaves with a handheld spray bottle to protect them from black spots. Why it works: No one knows exactly why milk helps control certain plant diseases, but it does contain lactoferrin, a protein that has been shown to help control diseases in animals.


Chicago Peace-First discovered in the Windy City, this brighter and deeper-toned mutation of the famous Peace rose has a fine reputation that follows in the footsteps of its parent. It possesses the same large opulent flowers, the same big quilted glossy apple-green leaves, and the same handsome bushy plant. Best color east of the Rockies.