*I love you baby. Who says I don't? Just.. all this Pinterest conversation make me confuse. You never talk directly to me out of pinterest. I don't know what you want. When & how I could meet you. I have plans for my life, so do you. I have children. I'm a single mother. Why don'tcwe disscuss it. You know I'm having this feeling for you. If you don't want to be with me, just say it. But if you want it, let me know. Now.

The Meaning of Every Rose Color

pink Colorful Roses Quilt Pink Hyacinths pale pink roses The needs of the dress are comfort, style, fit, color to set the mood and make it f.

On the ankle with a single thorn. Roses have always had special meaning in our relationship

32 Beautiful Rose Tattoos for Women

32 Beautiful Rose Tattoos for Women-Roses are popular tattoo designs for both…

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Wonderful play, dinner, and location, Lady Lennie and Dean.  Harry and I (yawn) are going to step through the mirror and back to the Castello. I understand tomorrow's going to be another lovely day.  Many thanks for a memorable evening.  Ciao♥♥

A red rosebud also has its own meaning. Youthful love, innocent and fresh is what the bud stands for. The attractive and unopened rosebud celebrates unpretentious and honest beauty. Purity and loveliness are what the red rosebud stands for.

My Baby Bree #shihtzu

My baby Bree. Her name is Kabre Kesha Kanaka (meaning Rosebud with mane of gold)

The harder you try to change, the worse it can get. Does this mean that a certain degree of passivity is all right? Yes, the more you resist something, the greater power you give to it. --Tony de Mello #peace #awareness

Rosebud in Ice Storm. Waiting for the storm to pass and bloom! The life within is greater than the circumstances. A basic principle of life. Acknowledge the driving force God gifted with! Never give up! Storms come and go.