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ROSAMUND PIKE for Modern Weekly (HawtCelebs)

ROSAMUND PIKE for Modern Weekly


“I love to be inspired, I think it’s one of the most exciting things in life.” – Rosamund Pike


Gone Girl

A l’occasion de son cinquième anniversaire de mariage, Nick Dunne signale la disparition de sa femme, Amy. Sous la pression de la police et l’affolement des médias, l’image du couple modèle commence à s’effriter. Très vite, les mensonges de Nick et son étrange comportement amènent tout le monde à se poser la même question : a-t-il tué sa femme ?


✖✖✖ "Filming Pride & Prejudice was a of my happiest summers ever. It could well be that the story brings out the best in people - and it sounds so cheesy, but we really did behave like a family…we picnicked, hung out in a beautiful country house and went swimming naked in a lake. It was idyllic." ✖✖✖