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I had a person whom I thought was my best friend. Then she turned on me like an evil fury- with such hateful aggression and lies to others, when in fact, I had been keeping her evil secrets.... I will never be able to explain it or fully understand it. M**y D*****a, you are a scary and evil woman. It's difficult to form new close friendships now, because of her.


The devil whispered in my ear, "you're not strong enough to withstand the storm." Today I whispered in the devils ear, "I am the storm."


You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about for setting boundaries and standing your ground against a person who has controlled your every last move for nearly all of your adult life. NO is a complete sentence. You don't owe any explanations to some rotten ass bitch. There is no respect there and no concept of personal boundaries. Anyone who thinks that they are so superior and entitled deserves it when they finally get what they deserve.