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Rowan Blanchard Shared Her Thoughts On Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks” January 2, 2014

Riley) Today was group training, but you know, no one likes me or knows what I'm like so I have no team. I stopped at a few different places. My favorite was archery and telling the difference between good and bad things to eat. I don't know what the terrain will be like, but I can deal with anything really. I may be young but I am pretty strong. I can work with knives, swords, bow and arrow, axes, and pretty much anything else. So anyone want to team I'm I'm pretty open.


14 Teens To Look To For Style Inspiration

Rowan Blanchard, age 13 Rowan is only 13 years old but isn’t letting her age stop her from exploring her fashion sense. Rowan is kind of like that best friend you had in middle school that just seemed to get it long before everyone else.


14 Jahre alt und einer der besten Styles Hollywoods: Rowan Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard. She's very young, yes, but she's pretty awesome. She stars as Riley Matthews on the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World, which I don't really watch (I'm one of those pretentious people who believe that Boy Meets World was SO MUCH BETTER), but still. She's very wise for her age and has been a vocal advocate for positive change. Even though I don't watch her show, I applaud her.


Photos: Rowan Blanchard Pretty In Blue For “Wicked” At The Pantages Theatre December 11, 2014

Not only was Sabrina Carpenter from "Girl Meets World" at the opening night for “Wicked” at the Pantages Theatre on Thursday (December in Hollywo


How can you expect girls to aspire to anything when 75% of us from the ages of eleven to twenty-one year olds say daily sexism impacts our future goals and selfconfidence? That’s three out of four on a daily basis. I think this is unacceptable and should be unacceptable to both genders.


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