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A set of Russian court orders diamond brooch royal order star badge order of st.catherine

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mingsonjia: “ photo by +pineapple+ style & accessories by 牛粪饲养地 model :@TINY_一起上天 ”

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Princess Style Prom Dress Vintage Royal Court Dress Scoop Lace Bodice A-line Floor-length Long Prom Gown Popular Women Party Dresses Chiffon

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A Guide to Visiting London's Hampton Court Palace

Another special venue in which to experience music is the amazing Tudor chapel at Hampton Court Palace. Sitting gazing at the stunning celestial blue ceiling, peppered with gold stars, is like looking up into the heavens. This has been an inspirational place since Henry VIII was on the throne. See the nearby deer park, walk by the Thames and in the gardens, lose yourself in the maze, see the Real Tennis Court, but most of all, attend evensong in the chapel, to experience its special…

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Character: Clioster's niece, Maie, who is a student in Esteracre. Artur helped pay for her tuition, and she is eternally grateful for that. She is studying to be a judge in the royal court, though many say it is impossible, as no woman has ever been a judge anywhere. (It isn't. She is appointed a judge after one of them reveals to have been helping the assassins kill the maids in book one.) (5)

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Elsa, Keena in the royal court as youths. The two women were good friends until Elsa got pregnant and Keena, the king's betrothed, found out the father

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