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Uniform sword with scabbard, England, 1901-1925 Famous tailor Gieves Limited in London made this uniform sword with scabbard, belt and leather case. It belonged to surgeon Lieutenant Commander John Stephen McGrath (d. 1927) of the British Royal Navy. A uniform sword was worn by officers as part of their official uniform.

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Royal Navy Post Captain uniform coat and waistcoat - from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England -- this style from 1795-1812

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Royal Navy Midshipman's Uniform (image 2) | England | 1748 | brass; linen; wood; wool | National Maritime Museum, Greenwich | Object ID: UNI0006

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In the 19th century, The Royal Family may have wanted to instil a sense of patriotism and national pride by dressing the young Prince Edward VII in a version of Great Britain's Royal Navy uniform. In 1846 the Prince had his portrait painted wearing the suit and once the portrait was reproduced in the press, mothers hurried to dress their little boys like the Prince. The sailor suit was casual wear, but it is made up of many parts. An adult would have needed to help the boy dress.

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