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Rug Size Guide for a Bedroom

When purchasing a rug for your bedroom, you should ensure that you get the correct size. The correct rug size often depends on how you want the room to look and your budget, since smaller rugs are less expensive but larger rugs are more luxurious. There are typically three different rug size options per bed size that work well.

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Choose the Right Rug for Your Space

Before you tweak your rug placements or shop for new rugs altogether, take a look at our handy guide for choosing the right rug based on your room. #DiscoverWorldMarket

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How Do I Figure Out the Right Size Rug to Buy?

A new rug can be one of the most anxiety-inducing purchases you can make for your home. For one thing, even the small ones seem shockingly expensive. For another, once you understand the importance of rug size in creating a comfortable space (spoiler alert: bigger is better here) they become even more so. There's also room use and orientation to contend with. To take some of the guesswork out of choosing the size of rug for your space, we've created a handy illustration with all the rug…

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How To Choose the Right Rug

3 simple steps to pick the perfect rug: what size is right? (Info graphic courtesy of

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Guide to Choosing a Rug Size

What size rug do I need? Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Area - Includes details on how to position (i.e. under bed) a rug in each area as well.

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Area Rug Sizes: Tips For Buying - Life at Home - Trulia Blog

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From The Magnolia Home Blog: "Choosing the Best Rug for your Space"

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