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Rules For Radicals Pdf

Every unit, there will be vocabulary words that students need to know to understand the material. I think this would be an organized foldable perfect for just that. Students could write the word on the front and write the defintion in the flap. Students could utilize this as a studying tool for the test.

from TES Resources

"Limón y Sal" & Present Tense Stem-Changing Verbs

This activity goes along with the song "Limón y Sal" by Julieta Venegas, which is readily available on YouTube and iTunes. In this activity, students listen to the song and complete the missing lyrics. Then, they are asked to locate certain lines of the song, copy them, and manipulate them. The manipulation of the lyrics requires them to use stem-changing verbs in the present tense. Students will practice listening, reading, and writing in this lesson.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Simplifying Radical Expressions

This zipped file contains a smart notebook file to teaching students how to simplify a radical by using prime factors. A pdf file is also contai...