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18 Best Shadowhunters Quotes from 'This Guilty Blood' (2x01

Quote from Shadowhunters 2x01 │ Clary Fray: Then run faster! Simon Lewis: I’m a vampire. I’m running slow for you.

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FINALLY SOMEONE DID IT NEWT REMINDS ME OF THE DOCTOR SO MUCH. Think about it he's a British guy running around a big city with a box that's bigger on the inside. He also has a knowledge of a large array of mythical creatures or 'aliens'. Not to mention a magic stick or 'screwdriver' and some companions.

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And we have one goal. That's all just one...we didn't want to die, and when you thought we had and called out for us to not be. We heard you and came running as fast as we could.

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But what if this isn't Sherlock. We saw two boys running. It could be Mycroft and Sherlock. But it could also be Mycroft and their third brother !!!!!

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This is where it gets me. On my desk, directly in front of me. I see it coming, I can't run, I have to let it be. This is where I fail, my future'll be taken from me.

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14 Times Mrs Hudson Was The Best Thing About "Sherlock"


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23 Pictures You'll Only Get If You Play "Overwatch"

"If you hear angry yelling in Japanese, start running."

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It really does boost your imagination. Every night before bed I run through a story that I've made up and sometimes I get bored with it and just when I think I'll never figure out another story, a book or a movie or a tv show Sparks a new idea for me and it's awesome!

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This was me today. XD I was running around my house trying to find my pencil, and I was like " i'll just use a pen " and i open my math book and it was in there and I was like " OHHHHHHG "

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