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Risky Running: A Look at the 7 Most Common Running Injuries (one of the best infographs I've seen)

Risky Running: A Look at the 7 Most Common Running Injuries (one of the best infographs I've seen)

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12 Essential Tips that will Help You Avoid Running Injuries

If you want to avoid running injuries, here are some tips that will help you run stronger and stay injury-free.

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NuStep can help prevent injuries like this with it's recumbent/ low-impact design. common running injuries from Physical Therapy Web News.

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How to Banish Shin Splints Forever

No one ever said "You're a pain in the shin!" but they should, because it seems to me that shin pain (aka spin splints) are much more common and annoying than a pain in the butt. I know the feeling. You start running (or start running again), everything is going fine but then you're sidelined by shin splints. It is a very common problem among new runners, but luckily one that is easily treatable. The medical name for spin splits is Tibial Stress Syndrome and while they are…

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How to prevent common running injuries

Running injuries are no fun. Here's what you can do to prevent common running injuries. Causes and prevention tips for running injuries. Infographic

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How To Make Your Own Shapeable Ice Pack For Pennies!

Made it before and it's awesome. Best part is it doesn't start melting and dripping all over you, it stays in the bag apart from the condensation.

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Beyond Foam Rolling: Using Self-Myofascial Release Strategically to Prevent Injury

Don't just foam roll haphazardly! Have a plan for using specific techniques to target key areas that will help prevent running injuries.

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4 Exercises to Help Prevent Running Injuries

If you're into ‪#‎running‬, cross-training is essential! Do these four exercises three times a week to strengthen you hips, hamstrings and knees.

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A Dry Needling Treatment for Running Injuries you want to know about

Dry Needling Treatment for Running Injuries #Runnerclick

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