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Rupert Grint is now dating British Dynamite Star Anna from the Union Jacks. He argued with the paparazzi that Anna has changed and she is hurting from all this. He said he's going to be there for her no matter what. He's going to be there for her when her brother was supposed to but he left cruelly. Rupert is very happy with his new girl and he says to bug him all they want but he's never leaving her.

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Ron, don't mind those bad people out there who doubt your worth. I have always loved you, I am loving you and will love until the very end. Baby, you're the best.:-)

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Rupert Grint. Idc how many other roles he may take on he will forever be Ron Weasley to me.

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probably the only red head ill ever be attracted to.....rupert, you are the only ginger for me. lol

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