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A Fantastic Depiction of 'Rusalka', A Mythical Water Spirit Who Kills Young Men - What an ART

A fantastic depiction of 'Rusalka', A mythical water spirit who lures young men into water to drown them.


According to Slavic folklore, a rusalka is the spirit of a young women who was murdered in or close to a lake or river. They appear as beautiful young women who try to lure men into the water, where they will drown them. AAccording to some legends, should a rusalka’s hair dry out, she will die. A rusalka’s fate can also be undone by avenging her death.


Myths & Legends: Rusalka In Slavic folklore, there exists a dangerous female fairy-like being that lives in lakes and rivers. Though often confused with mermaids and sometimes are portrayed to look similar to mermaids, they are traditionally not mermaid-like in appearance. They are beautiful and seductive woman with eerie, green-glowing eyes. According to legend, the rusalki are the spirits of drowned or violently murdered young girls. They take delight in drowning men and children