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Alabama recruitment More

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Astrid Playsuit | Womens | Jean Jail - Women's Shoes -

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Multicolor Floral Backless Plunging Neckline Sexy Mini Dress

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26 Dresses Under $50 Perfect For Sorority Rush Week

Brooke: I love my friends. Theres Katie, Callie and Sadie. Thanks Guys! But Emma, Just wait for what will happen. And Girls, Im turning 16 today! So come over for a sleepover, we need to talk if you know what i mean...."

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Pledge-Worthy Pieces for Sorority Rush Week at Francesca's Collections

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Opal Playsuit White

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Autumn Rush Skirt

Our hearts are beating hard for this cute skirt! This skirt is unlined and lightweight. It is made out of a corduroy type material and does not have pockets or

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Lavender chain dress

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