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Russia News 24 7

Bill To Implant RFID Chips In ALL Americans Driver Licence ID!.... you mean we get to drive still???? are you sure??? will we be able to afford gas? or you going to take that too?????????


How Facebook (FB) [and the Internet] is Altering Your Mind | An Article Every Internet User Should Read | Stillness in the Storm

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Norman Foster's Almaty Twin Towers in Kazakhstan


Tempers frayed at the United Nations (UN) as members took aim at Russia for its bombing campaign in Syria's Aleppo! Reblogged from YouTube from The rights belong to Al Jazeera


Day After Trump Wins Putin Says Russia Ready to Restore Ties with US --Russian President Vladimir Putin says he is ready to fully restore ties with the United States in light of Donald Trump becoming the President-elect --On the Bonus Show: Canada's immigration site crashes on election night how the gutting of the Voting Rights Act influenced the election political posts on social media and much more... Support TDPS by…

Russia, Iran Close Ranks as 'Axis of Evil' Takes Shape? - Inside Israel - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -