Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood ~ St Petersburg, Russia....this was a beautiful church .....Aug 2015

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Closer look from Nikolay Bugrov's house. (Merchant in 1880's Nizhny Novgorod)

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Igumnov House (a detail) is a historic house of ancient Rus style and is the residence of the French Ambassador to Russia.It was built in 1883-1893 by Nikolay Pozdeyev and cost the architect his life. In 1880 Nikolay Igumnov hired Nikolay Pozdeyev to rebuild his mansion into a larger residence but constantly put changes into the work of architect. The house became a target of art critics so Igumnov refused to pay overcosts to Pozdeyev; ruined architect committed suicide in October 1893.

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Russian architecture is so elegant with the spheres on the top of the building and the amazing colors!!

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The State Hermitage The Winter Palace is one of the most splendid buildings in St. Petersburg. Almost all the Romanovs starting from Catherine the Great resided there. The palace had hundreds of rooms; many of them were State Halls the interiors of which are preserved till the present days and open to visitors.

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