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Learn the terms of endearment you can use with your loved ones - #funrussian #learnrussian #conversationalrussian

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Love phrases from english to russian, because I'm studying the Russian language, and... because these are the love phrases. (Graphic error: твоей улыбки, instead of улыбеи) | Любовные фразы

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Дома у Кончаловских - Home and Garden

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Russian window from Siberia- I love how such a bleak cold area of the world, can produce such beautiful things!

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as an american who's family is russian and grew up speaking the language, this is entirely true and i absolutely love it

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Russian Billionaires, Including Some Tied To Putin, Have Gained $29 Billion Since Trump's Election

Altogether, Russia’s billionaires have added an estimated $29 billion since Trump’s election, more than the combined gains of billionaires in any country besides the United States.

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"The doorways of opportunity present themselves in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It's both our choice to recognize them and to step through them." - Chris Mott - Find Your Sprinkles -

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