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WEBSTA @ muidet - (via ruincus tumblr)Sergei Golovkin was a Russian sadist and serial killer who was dubbed “The Fisher”. His eleven victims, all young boys, endured horrific torture both mental and physical before their deaths. Golovkin confessed that he found torture sexually arousing and that he wouldn’t ever have children of his own because he doubted he could resist abusing them. He abducted young boys and took them to his underground garage that he had converted to a torture chamber…

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Female Russian prison tattoo."I look at life as it is". "A female tattoo imitating a male tattoo. The bearer was a prostitute and thief who had robbed her drunken clients in their apartments. She was sentenced under Article 144 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR."

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Russian cursive from a Soviet era alphabet book. Size could be better, but will do for a small print.

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Russian tattoo meaning{until we meet again} My tattoo I got after Craig passed away. #tattoo #loss

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Don’t touch me if you want to live! A typical ‘grin’ of a criminal of status. This menacing tattoo depicting a werewolf is usually applied to so-called ‘satanists’ or ‘dunces’ - inveterate transgressors of the prison regime. It was widespread in the prison camp system of the former USSR.

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