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Real Rust Survival - Rust - Group Episode 1

Trappin In Rust - Rust - Group Survival Episode 3

from Etsy

This beautiful 5 light fixture is cast in thick iron with a very art deco decor. As with many iron fixtures, the original coloring did not survive the decades and has been abrasive stripped of rust, sealed to prevent oxidation, and refinished in charcoal black. The cast iron gives testament to its quality of material. Excellent for any room!. Measures 18 inches across and extends 9 inches from ceiling to bottom of finial. The original brass encased copper and porcelain sockets are resoldered…

Surviving In RUST]-[Part 7!]-[The End is near but the Wip starts soon!]

from Etsy

SAMPLER NEW 4 & 8 oz. Rust Resistant Screw Top Round Steel Tin Can Craft Storage OUNCE Survival - Pick your quantity (A-E)