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Rustic Utility Knives

Repurposed Antique Rustic Utility Knife

Repurposed Antique Rustic Utility Knife by BorisGarage on Etsy

Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks (491562571), Eco Friendly Kitchen Products | Buy Eco Friendly Kitchen Accessories – Bowls, Utensils & More


DIY Twig Lamp Materials & Tools 15-20 twigs (bundle with twine to keep them relatively straight and let dry for a month before using) Three rubber bands Threaded metal rod Twine Crafts glue Scissors Pruner or utility knife Wood round with precut hole in center Electrical lamp kit Felt pads or plastic "buttons" Lampshade Instructions Hold the twigs around the metal rod with rubber bands. Wrap and glue twine around the twigs; let dry. Use the pruner to cut the twigs to the desired height…


Zyliss ® Electric Can Opener


Field knf xxviii

COMRADE XIX 220.00 Forged 440c Stainless Steel Bocote Handle Sterling Silver Rivets #Knife #Knives #Handmade #Handcrafted #Forged #Rustic #Rugged #NeverADullMoment #Steel