I got Jaune Arc, Velvet Scarlatina, and Roman Torchwick. I have J starting both my first and last name.

RWBY Team Builder

Nora Valkyrie, Roman Torchwick, Neon Katt, and Salem

Fantasy name generator for RWBY

Fantasy name generator for RWBY

The Gavin Free Insult Generator

The Gavin Free Insult Generator. My favorite insult is when he calls someone a dopey donut

I've gotten the "Dreamer" "Architect" "Strategist" and "Protector" before. Not only do I love those titles, I freaking these characters too *^*

Not only do I love those titles, I freaking these characters too *^*<<<<<GUYS! I'M RUBY XD Life is made

DeviantArt: More Like Blake Circus AU [RWBY] by Keethy

And here comes some concept art for Blake in the Circus! Meet a black Bengal cat that loves playing with sharp things!

#wattpad #fanfiction You are the most dangerous thing to exist. You can't be stopped unless you're tricked You are capable of generating from any injury even from a single cell,nothing can kill you. And you can't feel pain or fear. You can use anything as a weapon, even a person. You're highly skilled and your senses h...

You're out of your mind( unstoppable Male Reader X RWBY) - Sword

omg, I just realised that I say omg too much....

I got Celestial spirit magic which I love but I would have liked to get dragon slayer magic.

「偽りの赤月 アカヅキン」/「祀花よう子」のイラスト [pixiv]

「偽りの赤月 アカヅキン」/「祀花よう子」のイラスト [pixiv]

Red riding hood... Instead if running from the beast she befriended him

Alternate version of Little Red Riding Hood. Red riding hood idea (Season and beast idea. (Season 2 and