something about men with babies
If you're a bird I'm a bird
Ryan Gosling Rides His Motorcycle on Set on July 27, 2011
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling | As a Mouseketeer, Gosling didn't get much screen time because, in his words, the shows producers realized that I wasn't really up to snuff in comparison with what some of the other kids were able to do. But when he did get a shot at the spotlight, the future Oscar nominees easy charm was palpable.
Ryan. Gosling. Is. Perfect.
Proof that Ryan Gosling has always been a charmer.
Baby boy fashion via sarahknuth on Instagram.
Goslings just sitting there tryin not to laugh cause he knows he smarter then all those idiots
When he rocked plaid and some stubble like the fall boyfriend of your dreams. | 17 Times Ryan Gosling Made You Almost Forget How To Breathe
Zdjęcie numer 7 w galerii - Ryan Gosling na spacerze z uroczą Esmeraldą. W tym samym czasie Eva Mendes... Drogie mamy, to układ idealny!
"Success Kid" in a few years