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This Is The Most Requested Haircut in America

Ask your barber to scissor-cut the top of your head to about an inch and a half, adding a bit of texture to the ends with a razor. Around the sides and back, have him use a clipper to taper the length down to about a quarter inch, or an eighth if you feel like going really short.


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The Chop: get Ryan Reynolds’ gentlemanly buzzcut

A skilled barber should use a mixture of scissors and clippers to get this look. You would ask for clippers on the side, a 0.5cm high fade and to blend that into a textured scissor cut top while keeping the blend nice and square. The top will be cut with scissors too, to give it a more natural textured finish. It is important that your barber squares off the blend with scissors or you will have too much of a rounded look, which is more of the classic military buzz-cut.