Un hombre de verdad es como un jugador de ajedrez: siempre está asustado por perder a su reina. |Traducción ES: @sukigamer88|

But a chess player, even if terrified of losing his queen, will do anything to win.

please FROGIVE  that boy who hurt your feelings without regretting you loved him... Just  imagine that he will  be bend  in  his knees for you to be happy without him and admitting that he´s such a stupid. And then let your heart be in peace without regre

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Anime:Your lie in april Your lie in april quote

Kaori Miyazono Signature 2 by Dinocojv on DeviantArt Your Lie In April

love you, anime, and quotes kép

SO CUTE! I have to write this in a card or something :D

In all honesty I'm just staring at the city behind them in awe

This movie was sad, funny and confusing. would definitely recommend watching this

Immagine di anime, couple, and mystic messenger

I cant decide if i like jumin better or seven mayb even zen idk

Otabek x Yurio

Otabek x Yurio

Will you always just be a picture on my wall? A memory?! Why *tears* why'd you have to leave *sobs* please come back...please .

your ghost huants me.but i like the feeling your still here with me. (This is almost literally like my Original Characters! They look the same and the dude's a ghost and aaaaghgjaskdjfdsf!

I like this best!❤️ They are soo COOL!-From Fairy Tail I LOVE YOU ANIME

I love this, but really? There are soooo many better pictures of Juvia. <-- Yes, and i don't ship NaLu

Don't ship, but I love the art style.

Princess Lucy is a kind and caring person,she cares anything or anyone. But her kingdom was under attack by a Demon named Natsu. Natsu kidnaps Lucy,and keeps h.